Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow Days

It's been a long time since my last post, so long, in fact, that this is my first post of 2011. So happy New year everyone. If you live in Toronto or anywhere in North America you will know that we are enjoying one of the snowiest winters in years. Cadie loves it. All this snow means that the temperature has been pretty mild, plus she loves to run and jump and dig in the deep, loose snow.

Luckily we haven't lost any dog toys under this white carpet of fun. Though we have had some close calls. On at least 4 occasions Cadie and I have been digging frantically, while I try to calculate store opening and closing hours to see if we can replace the ball. As I said though, so far we've come home with all of our toys.

We haven't been going far. The sidewalks are very salty and I worry about Cadie getting salt stuck in her paws, I've heard of dogs developing infections if the salt stays in their paws. Anyhow, mostly we've been going to the nearest large-sized park, and then going for a walk along one of our trails.

As you can see, Cadie has taken the opportunity to make some new friends. She's becoming bolder with huskies, and labs, which is great, because it means that she's starting to bounce back from those attacks when she was a puppy. Today, a corgi gave Cadie a run for her money. Who knew corgis could run so fast. So, even though winter is just beginning, Cadie and I are having a blast.