About Cadie

Cadie, pronounced (Katie) is a Ganaraskan, this is a relatively new breed intended to be a therapy dog. The breed originated in east of Toronto in Port Hope and Welcome, ON along the Ganaraska River, for which the breed is named. The breed was originally composed of four base breeds: Poodle, English Cocker, Bichon Frise and Schnauzer. While I think Cadie is wonderful, I caution that this breed is not a lap dog, and therefore not good for anyone who isn't interested in long walks.

Cadie's full name is Acadia Jane. Acadia, after the region in New Brunswick, because I wanted to make sure that she had a beautiful Canadian name.

Jane was an after thought, but one evening as I was reading Pride and Prejudice I looked over into her deep brown eyes, and felt that she bore a strong resemblance to Jane Bennet. And so she is now Acadia Jane AKA Cadie Kins.