Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What time is it?

Time as measured by the 24-hour clock is artificial, if you don't know that to be true you should look at the way animals behave around the time change. They honestly have no idea what's happening. Yesterday, the first day when I really had to work with the new time Cadie was slow and reluctant to get out of bed, but then when we emerged into a bright sunny day--at 7 am--she was thrilled. She stood on the stoop and looked around totally bewildered, then she gave me an annoyed look that said that she resented not being brought out earlier. That too was fleeting, as she happily set off down the steps, and started trotting up and down the sidewalk. She sniffed, and there, wagging her little cocktail wiener tail the whole time. I was out of the dog house--that is until I tried to bring her back in the apartment.

Cadie was having none of it, she was here for a good time, and darn it, she was going to have a good time, and soon our happy walk dissolved into a battle between dog owner and dog owner's owner (dog). The dog owner won, but do you really win when you make your dog give up something that makes them so happy? I don't think so.

Cadie was further disappointed when I got home last night, in spite of getting home in good time, it was just too dark to head up to Sherwood Park. Instead we walked up Yonge Street, then back down Mt. Pleasant. We did find a park with lights on at one point, and Cadie was able to chase the ball for a couple of minutes at least. Still these hours will take some getting used to.

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