Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Blahs

Cadie and I have a routine, I get up at 6 and start getting ready for the day, while Cadie stays in bed. Once I'm ready to face the world, Cadie is supposed to get up and go through her morning routine. However, it's becoming more and more common for Cadie to put up a fuss. Firstly she doesn't want to go out for her morning "checklist". Then after fighting to get her out there, she won't come back in. However, once back in the apartment she heads right back to bed.

She will get up for her own breakfast, but she will make an appearance for a chance at stealing a mouthful of my breakfast, that's when I swoop in and try to make the bed, but Cadie is too smart and too fast for me, as soon as I head back to the bedroom she comes charging in, and I'm left making the bed around a persistently stubborn little road block.

In other news, Cadie did wear her costume lat night. At first she hated it, as you can see by the look on her face, but, once the kids started coming and making such a fuss about her she started to warm up to it. Though I have to say that I have learned 2 lessons:

1) tie the costume good and tight, it was much more wearable for her last night then it was when I took this picture.

2) I will never again get such an elaborate costume for her. In the days before Halloween I found an adorable lady bug costume that I like even better than this one, and it's much more wearable because it's just a shirt they slip on over their heads.

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