Friday, October 29, 2010

Maybe Tomorrow I'll Want to Settle Down...

Until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on.

I know the Littlest Hobo is supposed to be a family show that is supposed to make us feel good about life, but the truth is that I can't watch it, or even hear the theme music without crying. The Littlest Hobo ran on CTV in the late '70s and early '80s, but was on TV in rerun from into the '90s, which is how I came to be familiar with it.

As I said, I find the show every sad. Firstly the Hobo has to help an miserable person, who hates dogs, of strays or life, or something. Then Le Misérable falls victim to some terrible event--the last episode I saw Le Misérable stepped in a bear trap and then fell in a hole upside down.

So course it's then up to the Hobo to save Le Misérable, so he tries to fix the problem on his own, but being a dog, and not having opposable thumbs, this is difficult. In the end, the Hobo always goes into a small town where he finds a kind-hearted person, who comes into the woods and helps Le Misérable.

Alright so the show is formulaic, I don't consider that its greatest flaw, but I just can't get over how sad it is to see a dog choose a life on the road instead of a life with people. After all Hobo, or London, was a German Shepard, not a wolf. German Shepards are very affectionate. They also like their comfort. It just doesn't make sense to me. Hobo, wouldn't you rather set up house with one of those many, many kind-hearted people, settle down, lounge on a couch, enjoy the fact that you now have access to food that was once accessible only by can opener.

But I guess not, because at the end of each show he just carries on. And I sit on my couch, pathetically trying not to cry. And maybe I should just try to let it go, after all, my dog is safe and warm.

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