Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rainy Afternoon

Has it stopped raining? Can  we go throw the ball now?

The tornadoes from the American Midwest, the same storm that closed the airports in Chicago yesterday, blew into Toronto at 5:00 pm. I find it fascinating that we can track weather so precisely that we can know exactly when it will hit us.

Anyhow, those big fat rain drops started falling just as Cadie and I were heading out for our afternoon walk, and if you were reading this blog back in September you'll know that I feel that this is a personal attack. Although the more reasonable side of my brain knows that this is just a base conspiracy theory.

The downside of the downpour is that Cadie didn't get enough exercise again last night, and she spent most of the evening bouncing off my walls.

The upside is that the rain wasn't that bad, and so far it looks like today is going to be a great day. The other upside is that there's nothing I like more than wrapping Cadie in a towel and having a nice, long snuggle with her, which is exactly what I got last night.

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