Tuesday, October 19, 2010

One Person's Trick Is Another's Treat

Poor Cadie, she had no idea what hit her, when I came home last night with a bee costume. She initially thought that it was a stuffed animal for her to fling around and tear apart; but no, in actuality, it was the dreaded Halloween costume torture. But she looks so cute right? I thought it was adorable, Cadie's aunt C thought it was adorable, but Cadie just stood there, glaring at me, and waiting for someone to save her.

No one tried to save her, and in the end she decided she would save herself. The first thing she did was pull the hood off. The second thing she did was try to grab at the sides of the costume, and the third thing she did was chew on the tags. As the costume didn't fit it (way too short in the body) it was the tag chewing that mobilized me, as I wanted to be able to return said costume.

Here you can see just how small and tight this was
Aunt C and I did go back to PetSmart to see if there were any other costumes that might work, but everything was either too small and tight, or too large and floppy. I tried a shark costume on her that looked like the robe of a prize fighter. We also tried a shinny alien where the hood was so large that she couldn't see anything.

Oh well, I guess this means that Cadie will have to be a cheerleader again this year. Good thing that's a cute costume too.

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