Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Cool Respite

Cadie is much smarter than I am, I am struggling with the heat, but Cadie has found the perfect solution. She insists on going out for a good long walk, even with this heat and humidity. She still insists on having her ball thrown for her, and she chases it with the same gusto she uses during cooler, happier seasons. How does she do it? She uses the ground to cool herself off. She walks for 45 minutes or so, then chases the ball for 10 or 15. But then, just as I am starting to worry that she might overheat, Cadie drops to the ground, and spends some time lounging in the tall, cool green grass...with the pink tongue hanging out.

It's really remarkable how intuitive animals are, or rather, it's remarkable that humans aren't as intuitive as animals. We must have had these instincts at some point in our development, but they are now gone, and we are left hovering, several feet from the cool ground, and a couple of inches from inadequate fans. Oh well, this can't go on for ever, fall is just around the corner.

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