Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Lucky Break

People, and by that I mean my friends have been telling me that I am on a lucky streak these days. I'm starting at a new job, which is a wonderful professional opportunity, I'm taking on a car, I'm getting a makeover on Saturday, I've had the opportunity to return some favours to my good friends, and besides all of these big picture things I just seem to walk into the nail salon at the right time, or pick up the last of the something at the grocery store. However, tonight was the best luck of all.

I spent the day at my new job feeling awful, I mean physically feeling run down. It's been going on all week, migraine, nausea, cramping and fatigue. I don't know if this is about nerves, if I'm having difficulty adjusting to my new physical environment, or maybe my motion sickness is setting in on the bus ride in, and staying with me through the day. The other alternative is that I am really sick, and I should go and see a doctor, but I don't want to do anything rash, and I seem to be alright once I leave work, so I'll give it a couple more days to see if things settle down.

What does this have to do with my luck? As you know the first week at any new job is always the busiest and most stressful. This week is busier as I was on tap to help a good friend move tonight, and I am taking my neighbor's briefly, on Saturday evening. Today was also the worst day for all of the above listed symptoms. However, I have a great brother, living not far from me, and he came and had a little visit with Cadie this afternoon and this evening. This means that coming home from a busy and tiring day I found an equally tired little dog. This is not only good luck, but a fabulous luxury.

Enough from me, Cadie and I are headed to bed. Ahhh! La dolce vita.

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