Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Party for the Little Dogs

Cadie is exhausted! We had a nice sleep in this morning, and when we got up, I kept her walk short and sweet, in all I think we were out for about 15 minutes. Cadie was so upset, she kept struggling and pulling to be able to stay out longer. I finally got her back in the apartment and forced her to eat her breakfast. She then threw herself on the couch and sulked while I prepared my own breakfast. After 10 of the most despondent minutes of her pampered life, the phone rang, the distinctive ring that it always means there are friends at the door. Cadie immediately popped up and ran to the door. In an attempt to keep some order I picked her up and opened the door so that she could see that her favourite boy-dog Toby, who was here for a visit.

It was kind of like a scene from a movie, the two dogs ran toward each other, and, standing on their hind legs, reached out and embraced, wrapping their front legs around each other. For a brief second it was touching and adorable, then the teeth came out, and the growling started. Instead of a heart-felt hug they were wrestling. C and I kept an eyes on the "kids" while we ate our breakfast, then we headed out for Sunnybrook Park.

C, Salt's mother and myself are all part of the small dog meet up group, and they were having an event at Sunnybrook Park today. For the most part it was pretty low key; Cadie engaged in her favourite activity, tennis ball chasing, for most of the time. Toby chased after Cadie, and a couple of other dogs. The event was a lot of fun, attracted a huge number of small breed dogs, and helped raise money for an organization called Helping Homeless Pets. Cadie came home and immediately fell asleep on the couch, she got up only long enough to move from the couch to the bedroom. She is now back on the couch, head between the feather pillows and the couch back, feet dangling at 45 degrees above her.

Later this afternoon, I received an email from this same organization with the details for their auction, take a look if you're interested in helping a good cause.

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