Sunday, August 1, 2010

Civic Dog

So this has been a very disappointing weekend for Cadie. I took her to my mother's yesterday so that she could spend a beautiful day frolicking in her huge backyard, only to find that it rained most of the day, and no one was really all that interested in sitting in the backyard.

Instead I took Cadie to visit my grandmother. My grandmother moved into a retirement home in January and she is having a tough time adapting. Because she wasn't sleeping my mother decided not to call her ahead of time to let her know I was coming. This sounds really thoughtless, but the thinking behind it was not that we would catch my grandma off guard, rather, if we tell her I'm coming and something goes wrong the plan has to change we don't want to upset her. Anyhow, Cadie was originally bred to be a therapy dog, and taking her into the retirement home is so rewarding. All of my grandmother's neighbors are thrilled to see the dog. They hover over her and make a huge fuss about how cute she is, and how nice it is to see a dog again. All of this attention puts Cadie on cloud nine. She laps it up like it's food. Grandma seems to like it too before I could even sit down she asked me how many people down stairs had seen me with the dog, and did they know we were there to visit her.  It's good to be wanted, and it makes me happy to know that Cadie brings so much joy to people, it kind of takes the edge off my disappointment.

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  1. Glad to hear that Cadie did her civic duty for the weekend. So nice that you can take her to visit your grandmother. Cooper, I'm sure, would not be welcome :)