Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Times They are Becoming Quite Different

I've put off mentioning it, in spite of all my complaining about the humidity I have been reluctant to admit that fall is coming. We're now at the end of August, and on my trip home from my mothers I noticed that the leaves are starting to change colour.

I've also noticed that there are more leaves in the bowls at the park.

And finally I can't help but notice that the humidity is turning into a coolish rain, on a fairly regular basis (all last weekend, and again tonight).

The sky looked so dark after work that I decided to drive Cadie up to the park. We had a good 25 minutes of tennis ball tossing in the baseball bowl, before we headed over to the trail. The plan was to go through the trail 3 or 4 times to make up for missing the walk up and down Mt. Pleasant. We got all the way around once when the rain started.

At first it was good, the leaves made a perfect canopy, and we didn't get wet at all. But then the rain really started and the canopy became saturated. Needless to say we only made it around the trail once before heading for the car.

Thankfully I had put a towel in the car last week. We were soaked! As you can see by the picture of Cadie above (taken after 20 minutes after coming in from the storm) so we sat on the towel and headed for home, where we've been hiding out ever since.

So yes, I'm afraid to say, but it is true, summer is coming to close and soon we will be in the full swing of fall. Let's just hope that it's a good one, and that we aren't getting soaked like this everyday from now until November, when the snow comes.


  1. Summer is coming back! I'm confident that it is going to get warm again so get rid of this fall background!
    Also, glad to hear how great the car is working out for you girls. What a treat!

  2. I heard that the weekend is going to be quite warm an sunny which is wonderful news. But I don't think I'll get rid og the fall background, I feel like a trendy store at the mall...always 2 steps ahead.


    ps, I made the lemon loaf on the weekend, LOVE it, it was so lemony it made me wince. So good!