Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Memory Lane

One of the things I have wanted for the longest time is a digital frame. I feel like we have so many wonderful pictures, capturing adorable moments for posterity, sitting idly on the internet, or forgotten is someone’s my pictures file. Just this morning I found this fantastic snap shot of Cadie as a little puppy. She’s so tired and tiny in this photo that it almost makes me forget how tough those puppy months were.

I have some friends who take beautiful pictures of their pets. My photographic style is to “get lucky” to wait until I manage to catch Cadie in a perfect position. Alternatively I shoot like a maniac and hope that of the 25 pictures shot during that moment in time that 10% of them or more will be useable. This is not a good technique I know, but I have some pretty good pictures as a result.

Still I have to ask myself: what is the purpose of taking pictures if we forget to put them some place where we can see them. I do have a frame that I’ve been meaning to fill for some time with photos. The problem is that this is an old school frame, requiring hard copies, and I haven’t made time to turn my digital pictures into hard copies, so the frame goes unused.

At any rate, I’m glad I have the pictures, and I’m glad I found these pictures, puppies, like babies, are only small for so long, and while I couldn’t handle owing a perma-puppy, it’s nice to be able to look back at those days nostalgically.

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