Monday, August 30, 2010

House Cleaning

I spent the weekend house cleaning. I am the second worse housekeeper that I know of, and the apartment was a disaster, that was sorely in need of cleaning. So I chipped away at the dusting, laundry and bathroom on Saturday and did the kitchen and floors last night. I also spent some time last night preparing for the turtle invasion that is happening later tonight.

Uncle Tim is moving, and it is going to take a couple of days for him to have his tank up and running again, so in the mean time his 2 turtles will be staying with me. So I had to go down to the storage locker, carefully bring out the spare tanks, and carefully haul them upstairs. From there I just had to clean them and fill them with water. But then I started to have some worries, what if Cadie tries to eat the new turtles, or jumps in and drowns in the tank. So that meant that I had to rearrange the furniture so that I could be sure that she would be safe. Anyhow, Tim's turtles are very pretty, so stay tuned and I will post some pictures of them.

Cadie hates cleaning, she doesn't see enough of it to really understand what's going on. All she knows is that her things are being picked up and moved around. Usually she hovers behind me or cowers on the couch. (poor Cadie, last night I took the cushions off the couch and vacuumed there as well, displacing her again). In total I would say that I spent a good 3 hours a day (6 for the whole weekend cleaning). The really heartbreaking thing is that this is just the obvious stuff like dusting and floors. I still have a mountain of bills that need to be filed, the fridge looks like a bomb has gone off, and I'd like to sort through my tea towels as well. Oh well, at least it's a start. And if I'm vigilant this time it won't ever get so dirty again. Ha! who am I kidding, I hate cleaning. What am I saying, it's not that I hate cleaning, I can't clean, it upsets the dog.

Oh the other hand, I did do some cleaning that made me feel really good. I cleaned out my facebook friends, and deleted my ex and his friends. This cleaning has made me feel really good about things.

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