Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gone with the Squirrels...AGAIN!

Cadie and I had a great morning at the park, she ran, and chased her ball. We had a great "hike" then we were headed out of the park when Cadie caught sight of a squirrel and off she went. She took off through the brush, and all I could see or hear of her was the clinking of her name tags against each other.

She came when I called her, but she was covered in burrs, and had a piece of leaf stuck on her eye ball. I have an eye ball aversion, I just can't handle looking at or touching eye balls, but aversion or not, I had to get Cadie's eye cleaned out, so we headed to the washroom and where I got the leaf out and started pulling the burrs out of her hair.

The de-burring continued most of the day, and I'm pretty sure I just felt another one as I was sitting down to start this entry. I have plans to go to a ball game tomorrow, but I think that we're going to have to find some time for a bath.

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