Friday, August 20, 2010

One Small Step for Anyone Else, One Giant Leap for ME!

What, you may be wondering, could possibly justify such a momentous headline? I overcame one of my biggest fears today. The biggest fear I have is of getting fired from my job, I did not overcome this fear, as I think a healthy fear of the unknown is a good thing.

No, today I pumped my own gas! Does that feel anti-climatic? I'm truly sorry for this, but you have to realize this is a huge thing for me to overcome. I did it all by myself. C was there, she can vouch for my new-found gas pumping abilities.

This morning on my way to work I was listening to the radio personalities talk about the feeling of success. Honestly I wasn't listening all that closely, but I think there was some talk about a study that recorded and compared some responses to survey questions,  the most "shocking" was that successful people don't always feel successful. At this moment, with my current accomplishments under my belt I can't help but feel successful. But I know that this feeling is fleeting. I know that I could well wake up tomorrow and look at the dishes piled up in my sink, and the never ending pile of unread books beside my bed, and that fact that my mother doesn't even read this blog and feel totally weighed down by my failures.

However bleak this thought may be I intend to focus on the positive on this, the coolest, and most fabulous Friday evening we've had yet this summer. The positive is this: Successful people are successful for a couple of reasons; yes, they work hard; sure, they sometimes get lucky; of course they have passion; but those people who are truly successful are so because they are never satisfied, instead they keep pushing themselves to achieve more. So, I will keep pushing myself, but in the mean time I intend to celebrate an handful of my accomplishments:

  • I graduated from University, and I only missed the honour roll by 0.5, that's an accomplishment
  • I managed to train Cadie, and survive the puppy drama
  • I have made, and am maintaining great relationships with my friends and family
  • I have a create career that I am building
  • I continue to write this blog for myself
  • I pumped my own gas

There now I can't forget any of this


  1. Thanks guys, I'm glad you understand me ;)

  2. Keep it all up and you will continue to shine, girl! (xoxo Whitney, who needs to figure out how to post according to profile!)

  3. Thanks anonymous person named Whitney ;) you crack me up