Friday, April 9, 2010

Drama Queen

Poor Cadie, she thought she was going on a play date to the park, we were within view of the park when the freezing rain started. Salt’s mother stopped, turn to me and said, “this isn’t pleasant is it?” So we stopped, turned around and headed for home. Surprisingly Cadie didn’t object, she just quietly headed back with the rest of us.

Seeing as today is Friday, A and I decided to treat ourselves with Chinese for dinner, very yummy. All the drama that Cadie didn’t give us about not going to the park was poured out over dinner. She begged shamelessly for a sniff. She sneakily tried to slide her head below our blocking hands to steal food from A’s plate. When all of this failed she jumped up on the coffee table (oversized foot stool, so it’s okay), turned her back on us and sighed, loudly several times. When she finally felt that she could forgive us she turned back around and gave us the wounded bird look, that dogs give you to try to get their way. It was all very funny.

Uter is happily swimming away is his overly full tank, and Cadie is sleeping on the couch. Great Friday.

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