Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday's Lamentations

So I’m at home on this beautiful night, which also happens to be the Jays home opener. So what you may say, well, I had bought tickets for this event back in February. So all of my friends are family are at the game, I am watching from home, and my seat is being used for coats. Why would a person miss something that they had obviously been eagerly anticipating since winter? I am sick. I don’t know what I have, I hope it’s nothing more serious than a cold, but I’m a mess. I woke up this morning at 5, sneezed 15 times, and headed back to bed until 6. I got up again at 6, sneezed another 25 times and decided that it would be irresponsible to spread this to all the unsuspecting commuters on the subway and headed back to bed until 8:30.

I had high hopes when I went to bed last night. Saturday had been a bad day, but I couldn’t go to bed early because I was involved in an intrigue involving C’s husband. It’s nothing salacious, C’s husband and I were planning a surprise party for her, and I had to play my role. So I got C out of the house, but I screwed up royally, although C had no idea that we were doing anything at all, I was almost an hour late getting her to her party. That meant that most people had a little less than an hour before they had to leave, which was terribly unfortunate. On the plus side, for me anyhow, I left C’s place at 8, and was in bed by 9:30.

Sunday was terrible, a good friend of mine was in town, and I had made plans to meet her and her husband for brunch. But I cancelled at 8:00 am, and spent the day in bed.

Cadie has been such a good little sickie friend. She hasn’t been too demanding, and she has been good company. That being said, one of the challenges of being single is that you are the only resource you have. That means that even if you are not feeling well you still have to get up and walk the dog. Sunday I took Cadie on a bit of an adventure. Our path is fairly clear, but has some tree coverage off to one side. In amongst the trees is a narrow path, worn by a million doggy feet. I however, don’t trust Cadie off leash on the path, so I took her up to the narrow, dog-feet-worn path, and I did my best not to slip while I was up there.

Cadie it turns out is a hunter. She was not interested in walking along and smelling things, instead she decided to lie in wait for some prey. Which might have worked had her huge mother not been standing beside her, giving away her location.

Fortunately today was better, we got to the park for a good run, but I can see that all of this resting is taking its toll on her, she’s anxious and stir crazy, so I’m hoping to get her out for a good long walk, and run at dog park tomorrow. I am finally feeling human again.

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