Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cadie and I

I have, by far, the best dog.

I know that this is open to debate, everyone always thinks that their dog is the best dog, except for those people who don’t have dogs, and I feel truly sorry for them.

My dog’s full name is Acadia Jane, but I call her Cadie. She is 19 Lbs. Ganaraskan, and she is beautiful. She has black hair, and always looks a little scruffy, and a wonderful little round face. A Ganaraskan is a newish breed, made up of ¼ Poodle, ¼ Cocker Spaniel, ¼ Schnauzer, and a ¼ Bishon Frisee. In addition to being beautiful she is also very sweet, and the past part of my morning is when I leave for work, and stop in front of my building. I look up and I can see Cadie looking right down at me, she is still standing there waiting for me when I am on my way home.

It’s funny all the small things that dogs do that can really change a person’s life. I mean aside from the fact that they us get up and out of the house, help break the ice with strangers, and generally fill our lives with love. Last night I was determined to stay up and watch the Olympics, in particular I wanted to see Patrick Chan and Johnny Weir skate. So I set up camp on the couch, and within 2 minutes I was asleep. But then, just as Chan’s music started to play I felt a little pressure on my feet, Cadie had come out to make sure that I was awake, which meant that I was able to see the two skaters I had been hoping to see. Just another dog miracle.

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  1. Great first blog post! Cadie is quite the cocktail of some of the best breeds. :-) I agree with you -- life is made truly sweeter when dotted with doggie miracles.