Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doggie see, doggie do

A surprising good day, it started out on a pretty rocky note, Cadie refused to get up, slowing me down quite a bit. I was standing at the side of the bed trying to coax her into getting up, but Cadie would only lift her head up off the bed, give me a huge yawn and lay back down. The good news is that she isn’t huge s I was able to force the issue without too much of a delay.

I had been hoping to get to the office early to try to wrap my head around a potential problem. As it turned out my problem didn’t really exist, so I started to feel better before 9 am. From there the day just sort of trickled away and I soon found myself back at home, a little late, but Cadie didn’t hold it against me. We headed out and had a great walk.

I know that I have lead you to believe that we are super urban, but we spend very little time on the sidewalk during the winter because of the snow. My neighborhood has a great walking trail, and that’s where we go every evening after work. In the summer when we get more light we’ll also do our evening walk on this trail, but it isn’t super well lit, so we stay clear during the winter months. It was a fantastic walk, the sunset was warmish, and the temperature fairly mild for a winter day, and there was a nice light dusting of snow. We were with good friends, and then we even made it into the park where Cadie got a great treasure, and found the biggest, and best stick she could handle.

I threw the stick for Cadie several times, and she did her best to run with it, but it was just a little too big for her to manage. Then my friend called for her dog and we headed home. Cadie has an uncanny ability to watch one dog do something, get rewarded and then copy this movement. When my friend calls for her dog to come, she, the dog, always gives my friend’s legs a tap with her two front feet before sitting. Afterwards my friend gives her dog a treat, and we laugh about how her dog treats her like she’s a Pez dispenser. Cadie has always come to my friend when she calls for her dog, but today, Cadie watch the other dog “press the Pez dispenser” and get a treat, and decided that this might work for her too. So she too pressed her luck and was rewarded with a yummy liver treat.

We walked out friends to the cutoff spot, and said good bye to them, so it was a good day for both of us.

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  1. Ah, there it is, the turning point from the frenetic puppy-burn energy level to a calmer adult dog-like demeanour. I remember the turning point for my little guy (and honestly was grateful for it), but I do miss the super exuberance that puppies have. :-)