Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It’s not that Unusual

The snow fun continues for good old Cadie, she just can’t wait to get out on the trail after work and get running. She pulls all the way to the park, where she goes cuckoo for her tennis ball. The latest development, it’s not really new, but I’m still so pleased with it that I talk about it as if it were new, is that she will now bring the ball back to me. So there we were, on our 42 foot leash, I threw the ball for her, and she went bounding after it. Of course, because I refused to let go of the leash it meant that I had to run with her, which I think confused her, but she didn’t let it dampen her good time.

Today was also a jogging day, so after a very filling dinner we headed out once again. I love running with Cadie. I was motivated to start running with her for 2 reasons: the first was that as a puppy she had an unbelievable amount of energy, the second is that while I enjoy running, I have a lot of guilt around leaving the house without her. So I did some research, got the right equipment, and now we run together 3 to 4 times a week. I prefer to go after dinner. I live in neighborhood full of very young, posh professionals, who spend a lot of money on their exercise wear, and I find it very intimidating. Also, I’m very out of shape, and by going while the streets are quite I don’t have to get passed by 20 or 30, posh, fit people.

Cadie is the perfect running partner for me. She loves to run, but hates the start of a run, she needs lots of encouragement to get going, but once she’s on the move it’s hard to stop her. Cadie has the energy and the stamina to push right until the end. Me, I’m the total opposite, I have no trouble getting out the door, and tonight, when I got to the halfway point I felt very good, like I could run forever. That feeling didn’t last. 3 minutes later I was completely lacking in motivation, thinking about walking home, and depending on Cadie to get me there. I just find it so funny how well dogs know us. They know when we have fallen asleep on the couch, and need to be woken up; they know when we are running out of energy and need some extra encouragement to meet our goals. I honestly wouldn’t have the motivation to job without Cadie. Dog miracles, they’re everywhere.

I encountered another dog miracle today; at least I think it’s a dog miracle. Or maybe I should think of it as a dog miracle by association. I work with a woman who describes almost everyone she knows as “beautiful”, and at first I thought that she ran in a fabulous social circle, full of fabulous people. But now I think that she is the kind of person who sees beauty in people, instead of seeing their flaws. Not surprisingly, at least not me, she’s another dog person. I think dog people, because they surround themselves with such devoted fans, are able to see so much more beauty in the world than the average person. But then it’s hard to not to see the world’s beauty when you come home to a creature who adores you. I’m convinced that dogs know our flaws and limitations, but love us too much to hold it against us. Dogs will always see “their people” as beautiful no matter what, and I think that it’s wonderful when people can start to process the world in the same way, finding beauty rather than looking for scars. I think that’s two dog miracles in one night.

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