Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not Such a Great Day

I should not be allowed to groom. I had made up my mind last night that my bangs were far too long, and that I could surely handle trimming them. I have cut my bangs to within millimeters of my hair line. I’m trying to laugh it off, hair grows back, but I look ridiculous. But it could have been much worse, I also waxed my eyebrows, and frankly I’d rather have almost non-existent bangs than risk waxing my eye brows right off my head. I also groomed Cadie yesterday, all I did was brush her, trying to get some of the mattes out of her hair, that was uneventful, at the end of the day Cadie was just soft and silky, no catastrophies there. And at least it’s winter time, I can get away with wearing my toque to most place I might go.

My neighborhood has a sort of unofficial dog owners group. We have each other’s email addresses, and keep people posted on local issues, and upcoming events. It really is fantastic, back in October we were having a bit of a security issue, too many burnt out lamp posts, and rumors about strange men “hanging about” in the bushes along our trail. Back in the fall I organized a dog walk to benefit diabetes research and I used this network to promote it. As I say it’s fantastic, and I love it, but I was very shocked by the email that went out today. The email reminded us all that we need to be vigilant in picking up after our pets, as some dogs are starting to get sick from the, increasingly unsanitary conditions. I don’t know what more to say except that I am shocked. I mean I know that many people become less vigilant during the winter, but this is a serious situation. Dogs getting sick? Have we really become so lazy that we would rather see our pets can sick rather than bend over and pick up after them? Also, if the dogs are getting sick now, why aren’t people worried about people getting sick? This is truly upsetting. And embarrassing, it’s no wonder that so many non-dog people think so little of dog owners. The bright side to this is that so many of the owners responded to this email with support, so my hope is that people stay committed to picking up after their pets, and the dogs can start feeling better. One is particular is trying to organize a clean up of this space, I hope this takes off.

Tonight was bitterly cold, I can’t complain, for the most part this winter hasn’t been too bad, bright sun, light snow, but the wind tonight is cutting and I was very relieved that Cadie was not interested in going far tonight. Instead, she and I have been spending some quality couch time together. It’s funny I have friends who are really keen for the Olympics to end, but I am loving it, and I don’t know what I’m going to do next week when they are all over. I guess I’ll jut hope that the weather is a little warmer, so that we can get out a little more.


  1. Ugh, it's really quite disconcerting that people assume the snow will cover up their dog's... you know what. What's worse, just wait until the snow starts to melt. Bleagh!

  2. It really makes my stomach heave to think about it