Friday, September 3, 2010

The Fail-proof Alarm Clock

There are two days of the week that are the hardest for me in terms of getting out of bed. The first is Tuesday, because Tuesday is the longest day, and the most hopeless day of the week. The second is Friday. I have this strange feeling that Friday is part of the weekend and, actually, I think we should start a movement to push for a 4 day work week, so that Friday is just permanently part of the weekend.

This morning the alarm went off, and I resisted by first turning it off, and then laying back down and snuggling in with Cadie. Cadie likes to sleep right beside my pillow, so in those few moments while I am truly awake I usually reach over and wrap my right arm around her, and we both go back to sleep.

It doesn't last long though because if I over stay my welcome (in my own bed) Cadie gives me a kick. I sort of picture it looking a little like a cartoon where the donkey or horse gives the main character (usually  schmuck) a kick with both of it's hind legs, the kick usually hits in the face, and the schmuck topples over backwards, with his feet going over his head.

The real version looks more like this: Cadie gives me, the schmuck, a kick with both of her back legs, that hits me in the chest, which is very unpleasant and sends me reeling out of the bed on the opposit side.

As I said, it's very unpleasant, but it works, I'm never late for work, and really it's my fault for being so lazy.

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