Sunday, September 19, 2010

There's Something in the Air

Cadie and I got up and headed to the park first thing this morning as usual. We were out for a good 2 hours, again, nothing unusual about that. But then we headed out again in the afternoon for another 2 hours. We had a good stroll up Yonge Street, and then headed down Mt. Pleasant, all in all, it was a great day.

They have already put the bubble up on the tennis court beside us, so I had thought that we had seen the last of the found tennis balls. I was wrong, Cadie found two today. The first ball she found she was happy to have me simply put in my dog walking bag.

When we got to the park, she started jumping around and clawing at my bag until I finally pulled her favourite orange ball out and threw it across the lawn. I don't know how she had the energy to chase a ball, but she did. so we spent some time in park, and then headed home.

It was fabulous, the temperature was perfect, and the roads were so full of people, though it became less crowded as the afternoon wore on.

On her way in Cadie found the second ball, and her day was complete, she had everything she could want. Then she came in and headed right over the couch where she struggled to keep her eyes open while she demolished her newest treasure.


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