Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Photo Gifts

I know that it's weird to be writing about the weekend on a Wednesday. But I find the middle of the week so tiring. The worst day of the week is clearly Tuesday YUCK! But Wednesday can be pretty bad too.

Cadie and I played host to our good friend W on Saturday. We had my famous egg salad sandwiches, on a fresh baguette and fresh veggies. But W came over for another reason. I was going through my photos looking for a nice one of Cadie and myself when I noticed that all of the pictures of me were taken by my ex. Not only is it disturbing to think that the only photos you have of yourself were taken by an ex, these photos are now very out-of-date. They're two years old, I was much heavier and Cadie was a puppy. It was time for some new photos. So W came over and here is what she gave me.

A pensive Cadie, trying her best to please her new best friend

Sitting pretty so that W will pet her

Me watching Cadie play, you can also see the dilapidated baseball diamond

You might think that Cadie is playing, but really, she's protecting her ball from this interloper
Excellent recall, she just wanted to make sure W saw her being so good

Finally, I have something updated, and we look fantastic together don't we?

As you know every picture has a story, this story is that Cadie was driven to distraction by my insisting on getting a photo. As far as Cadie was concerned she was at the park to chase the ball and nothing else, so getting this shot was a bit of a struggle. I had to rein her in multiple times, and in the end W had to shoot almost blindly, because we had only a couple of seconds before Cadie wormed her way free and ran off to find her ball again.
All in all, a very successful weekend as far as I'm concerned. So thank you to W for giving me such beautiful pictures of my little Cadie, and of the two of us. It's nice to have photos with good memories attached to them.

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