Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Cadie Life, I Just Live Here

It's funny how an animal can take over your life. One moment you are blissfully unaware the animal exists and the next you are completely wrapped around their little dew claw. This is how it is with Cadie. Cadie sets the tone in the apartment, if she's having a bad day everyone (meaning me) is having a bad day. Cadie tells me when it's time to go to bed, and when it's time to get up. She also tells me when it's time to eat, and when we've spent too much lounging and we're bored. It's true, Cadie is the real matriarch of the apartment, and I am just the follower.

I remember being in my first year of university and being terribly offended when my roomate, who I wasn't all that fond of told me that what I needed was a mother. Naturally I protested, I can look after myself. She laughed and tossed her head and said, "no, no you can't. You need a mother!" The obvious rudeness of this statement aside, I am at heart a routine-driven person, who thrives on knowing what to expect from each situation. Of course life isn't like that, but I think that's the biggest reason that I am such a dog person. Dogs are completely lost without their routines, (they also love cooler weather, and are happiest when they live in the moment. At my more philosophical and romantic moments I like to think that I am descended from wolves, but I digress.)

University on the other hand is so flexible. You get up when you want, you do your homework if you want, a person has to create their own routine, which was something I was struggling with in my first year. So really I don't need a mother, I mean I have one, what I needed was a dog. A little being to run my life and keep me on a short leash.

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