Monday, September 27, 2010

Nuits Blanches

I am not sleeping these days. My mind is racing, I have no idea where it thinks it's going, but it won't slow down. Every night I head to this bed, where this teddy bear is waiting for me, and I feel a strong sense of relief, because I'm ready to stretch out and sleep.

But then something happens when I turn the covers down. The Teddy Bear strolls up to the other side of the bed, and lays down on the pillow beside me and I think that this is super cozy, so I close my eyes tightly and try to think of nice things until I fall asleep. After 10 minutes of trying to force my mind to think positively I give up, get up and go into the living room where I put on The Simpson, and almost instantly fall asleep. I start this by myself, but after about15 minutes Cadie will come out of the bedroom and sleep on my feet, it's nice to have company.

This means that I have to get again, usually either at 12, or 1 or even 2. The mid night room change also means that I am exhausted in the morning, just as I am now.

So now I have to figure out how to stay awake on an overcast Monday morning, I also have to figure out how to get to sleep tonight.

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