Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Mysterious Black Hole

I have lost my dog's favourite toy. Cadie's favourite toy is something called a Tricky Treat Ball. As you can see it's porous, orange, largish and round. It works by putting treats (though I just use kibble) into the opening, (the big hole in the middle of the ball pictured above) then you through it down for the dogs and they kick it around and food magically appears. Cadie got her first Tricky Treat Ball when she was 13 weeks old. I felt completely overwhelmed by her growing activity level, and the puppy book said she needed a "job". The book recommended a Kong filled with Kong filler, or peanut butter. My vet would freak if she thought I was giving Cadie peanut butter, and Cadie had already chewed through her teething Kong (after a little less than a week) so I knew a Kong was out of the question. I headed over to Walmart to see what alternatives they had, and that's where I found the Tricky Treat Ball.

It was an instant hit, and my vet even remarked at our second appointment that Cadie was a "pro" with the ball. It's true though, Cadie's "job" was to roll the ball around and collect the treats. At first she used her nose, which meant that she could sniff the treats out as soon as they dropped to the ground. It didn't take long though for her to build her skills, she now kicks that ball around the house like a super star soccer player.

So a couple of days ago I went looking for it, I was headed out, and I wanted to give Cadie something to do while I was gone. But I couldn't find it, I searched high and low, under beds and bookshelves, behind chairs and in closets. I have no idea where this thing could have gone. It seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

oh well, I'll just have to replace it. I think my mum's dog has one that she's not using, I'll just pinch it while I'm home next weekend.

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