Thursday, September 9, 2010

Me and my Shadow

I had a terrible sleep last night, I seemed to wake up every 2 hours, and at 4 this morning rolled over, half opened my eyes, and became convinced that someone had just closed the door to my room. I was terrified. so after hemming and hawing over what might be lurking in the shadows of my room I decided to turn on the light and get up.

I'm nobody's fool, I took a big, heavy flower pot to protect myself, just in case it wasn't my overactive imagination. Luckily I had nothing to fear, the closing of my door was nothing more than an imagining, I should have know that, Cadie was dead to the world on the bed beside me, had there been an intruder Cadie would have been up and trying to make friends with them.

At any rate, I moved to the couch in the living room after that, Cadie always waits until I get myself settled, then she comes out and pushes herself onto the couch at my feet. I can't say it was the best night ever, but at least I had company. And upon reading last night's blog again this morning I think it's time to start taking the vitamin D again.

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