Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Great Day for Cadie

It was a chilly morning, but that didn’t stop Cadie from “scampering” down the street. I had a later start to my work day, which in turn meant a later end to my work day, so I made sure to get Cadie out for her evening walk this morning, before I left.

I remember when Cadie was a puppy she used to get so excited about the smallest things, one time, we were struggling to get in before a huge thunder storm, or rather, I was struggling, and I was panicking, Cadie was just enjoying the day; the dark skies, the cooler air, and all the nifty things that went flying past her face, like leaves and candy wrappers. We did not beat the storm, and as it turns out, Cadie does not like rain. So I had to carry her the rest of the way home, she stayed relatively dry, while I got soaked. This morning’s walk was a lot like this one, just without the threat of oncoming rain.

As I said, it was chilly, but not so cold that Cadie had to wear her coat. So already she was in seventh heaven. But I was still surprised by what followed. Anyone walking along would have thought she was still a puppy, in fact many people said as much as we passed them.

Watching Cadie get so much joy from something as simple, and as basic as an early morning walk, was by far the best part of my day. The rest of the day was crap. I shouldn’t complain, and I have promised myself that I will not. The ugliest thing about a blog, in my opinion, is listening to people complain about their jobs. Let’s be honest some of us have terrible jobs, almost all of us have terrible days at our jobs, and only some of you have fabulous jobs full of great days. My point is two fold, first no one wants to read or listen to another person whine about their situation; and second, this is meant to be my escape from my job. The way that I can tell myself that I am something more than what superiors “see” in me; this is the place where my goals and aspirations matter.

Still, I find working so strange. I find it strange that in a world where so many people are dissatisfied with some aspect of their jobs that we haven’t found a way to fix this problem. I know that I have it pretty good. I’ve been able to keep my job throughout this recession; I have a nice home, and a wonderful dog, all possible because of my job. I have also been very fortunate to have received an excellent education, which has allowed me to think about my life in terms of a career, and not simply as a wage, and for all of these things I am very grateful. I guess I just find it strange that we can all get up every morning, pull ourselves away from where we really want to be and go somewhere we hate.

So to close on a positive note I would like to extend my congratulations to my mother, who has sold my grandmother’s home. My mother has been the project manager on this job, and it has been huge, so congrats Mum.

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