Monday, March 8, 2010

Plans and Alterations

Moving is for the birds. I went to go and grab Cadie running harness today so that we could go for a jog, only to discover that I have packed it. I have narrowed it down to two possible boxes, but it would still take me a good 45 minutes to find it, so I have decided that Cadie will be not be coming for a jog now until after the move. Also, my home looks like a bomb has gone off here. I know that housekeeping isn’t my strength, but this is ridiculous. I took Toby’s mother down to my new apartment tonight to let her see what it looks like, and much to my despair, the new place has a very similar appearance to the old one. The bones of the new place are much nicer, but it is still dirty and has a lot of stuff sitting in weird places, just like my current apartment. I just feel like I’m starting to lose my mind. I mean it’s so bad that today I cleaned my desk to try to calm myself down.

Moving takes so much effort that poor Cadie isn’t getting the attention she needs either, I’m really anxious for the move to be done and over with. Things are going so much better at work, it would be nice to get the home life humming again too. Then I could really lower my blood pressure, get my head back together and start to work on the other problems in my life. One step at a time I guess.

One of the things that I didn’t include in yesterday’s blog was a close call that Cadie and I had. While crossing the street, with the right of way Cadie and I were almost mowed down by a crazed driver. I saw her speed up as she came flying towards us, I would have been safe no matter what, but it was close with Cadie. I gave her leash a good strong pull, and the crazy woman missed her by inches. I didn’t mention it yesterday because it upset me to the point that I was nearly crying, but now I’m much more angry about it, so I can handle talking about it. All I would like to say is that had Cadie not been on a leash I wouldn’t still have her with me. Still I don’t think we’ll be crossing that street again any time soon.

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  1. Having moved not long ago, I completely empathize with the way you are feeling with your move. After all, you are picking up all your roots to set them down in a new spot. When its done and your settled in, I'm sure you will appreciate all the benefits that your move brings. Keep that in mind and it should get your through the bumpy parts now.