Saturday, March 20, 2010

New Home, New Hair Cut

Cadie had a hair cut today. Salt’s mother and I are getting much better, and it’s starting to go a lot better. The first time she groomed Cadie my guess is that it took us about 4 hours, now we’ve got it down to a lean 2. And Cadie looks fantastic. A is a real stickler for detail, and she has done a perfect job as a result.

The weird thing about grooming Cadie is just how much hair comes off of her; she will go to bed tonight 3 inches shorter than when she woke up this morning. Because we were getting rid of her winter hair there were quite a few mattes that have left some bald spots, but that’s okay, a couple of days and they will fill in. The other thing I was surprised to see is that Cadie actually has a square face. The winter hair had grown in so thick, especially on the face, which it had started to appear round. I liked the fluffy round face, but I just love this sleek square one.

Now Cadie is all set for Easter.

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