Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vacation's Done

So my vacation is now over, and I have to head back to the office tomorrow morning. I could not be more nervous about it. This will be, not only the first time that I leave Cadie alone in the new place for an entire day, but also the first time that I leave Cadie alone with the run of the apartment. So I’m freaking out right now trying to find all of the places where Cadie might get herself into trouble. Not to mention, as this is my first day back after week’s vacation I’m sure there is no way that I will get out of there on time, which means that poor Cadie will be alone for a much longer time than I would like.

So I’m sitting here, writing, surveying my domain and worrying myself sick about everything that is out in the main space. Because my place wasn’t totally finished when I moved in last week I am still missing a cabinet in the kitchen, which means that my garbage is open, this is by far the biggest problem. However, I have a solution for this one; I think I’ll just shove the garbage in the bathroom.

It’ll all be fine, I know this, I just have to leave the apartment and trust that everything will be fine; in all likelihood nothing will go wrong. Right?

As the vacation is coming to an end Cadie and I tried to get ourselves back on a routine. We did dog park as per the usual, and then later this afternoon headed out for a good long walk. I’m looking forward to getting back to work, getting back to a routine, but still I am going to miss spending my days with my dog. It’s been such a treat, but I guess that staying home with her permanently would be too much of a good thing, oh and I need to work. So I guess I should go and finalize the apartment so that I can have all the loose ends tied up before 7:00 am tomorrow.

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