Monday, March 15, 2010

The Move Continues

.The move continues. I can honestly say that I have unpacked almost 30 boxes today, but I’m no where near done. In spite of that I’m pretty tired, and I know that I’m not going to have a ton of time tomorrow. But I think I have a plan, and I believe, perhaps naively that a plan will help you overcome almost anything.

Cadie is not fairing as well with the unpacking as she did with the packing. Every time I drop something, or make another loud noise she jumps and runs to hide in the bathroom. When she was very young we used to leave her in the bathroom while we were out, now that she is older, I am looking to let her have the run of the apartment, because she doesn’t like the bathroom. So, I can only conclude that she is not enjoying all of the chaos associated with the move. That being said, I think that I have another 2 days of pretty intensive unpacking to do. I am almost done with the closets and I am finished with the almost 20 boxes of books. One of my major jobs for tomorrow will be taking the empties down to the garage.

We had a rough start to the day, got up a little late, not too bad, but a little late. Then we headed out to the park, where we got rained on. Still, I’m dedicated to making sure that Cadie gets her exercise, particularly when I have a ton of things to do, that will keep me from hanging out with her. I figure that it’s not fair to expect her to sit still endlessly while I work, so I try to make sure that she is looked after before I dive, headlong into my chores.

That being true, Cadie got to go back to the park later this afternoon. This was great; the sun was shinning, the air was warm, it was a wonderful late afternoon break. The walk back was good too, except for one incident involving a couple of labs, and a family who, unfortunately just got too close to each other.

One of the real challenges in the city is the closeness to your neighbors. I love it, I’m a chatty person by nature, and so I like knowing that I can always find someone to talk to, even if it’s a stranger. The issue around this, is having space for larger dogs to run around and play. There is a growing tension between dog owners and non-dog owners in my neighborhood, mostly as it relates to the use of our path. The people with the biggest complaints are the joggers who get annoyed that they have to dipsy doodle around the dogs. I don’t have much sympathy for them, it’s not a track, if they can’t cope with city traffic, they should think about moving out. But I worry about the families. Dogs and families are synonymous to me. I get that there are lots of people who dislike dogs, but still, I think that dogs are a nice addition to most families. I wish we had better off-leash areas in this neighborhood, I think that would help ease some of the tension.

Anyhow, rant ended, my head is feeling a little better, and I’d like to knock off another 2 boxes before bed

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