Monday, March 1, 2010

A Day to Forget

Today was an extremely aggravating day, nothing major, just a lot of little things. As I walked into the subway I realized that I had forgotten my Metro pass, which meant that I had to go back home for it. Now if that was the only thing that had gone wrong I would have been alright, the sun was shinning, it was 3 degrees, and I was excited to come home and get Cadie out for a good long walk. But after work I remembered that I had to go to the bank. I spent 40 minutes at one bank, then headed over to another bank to make a deposit that absolutely had to be done by 6 today. I was standing in line, waiting as patiently as possible until the banking machine was turned off. That’s right, the wonderful bank workers saw an ATM vestibule full of people and decided to turn off the machine. My all-important deposit was not made. So this is not good for me, but what can I do. I made the deposit later while we were out for our evening walk. I also broke a lamp while I was playing with Cadie, I am really looking forward to going to bed. I really wish I had a TV in the bedroom..

While the warmer weather is fabulous, it means that Cadie is in full spring mode, stopping to check every scent, and really dragging her feet. The only plus is that she seems to tire out a lot more quickly. Still, it’s too bad as I was looking forward to coming home and relaxing, which, of course, involves walking a well-behaved dog.

Everyone who looks after animals or children knows that they occasionally have days when you can’t figure out what happened. Days when you look at that impudent, impish face and think: “Who are you, and what have you done with my good dog?” On these days I call Cadie Changeling, and shockingly, she responds to it. I take this to be proof positive that my dog is laying on a hilltop somewhere and I just have to outsmart whatever supernatural power is holding her captive. It always seems to work, Changeling never stays long, so I know that Cadie will be back again soon. On the plus side we ran into Salt and her mother again, and both dogs were really excited to see each other, so at least that’s normal.

Finally, I understand that some of you are having trouble posting comments. I too have struggled with this function. I handled it by writing out my comment, and then selected preview, I then posted through that application. It might take some fiddling to sort it out, but I hope you will keep trying. If we really can’t make it work, I will look at moving to different software.

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