Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Plans

Cadie was really good for me on Friday, Saturday, not so much; I took her to the park first thing in the morning, but that wasn’t enough. So I called my friend Catherine and decided to head out to her place. The plan was that I could sleep while Cadie played with her good buddy Toby. So I got there, and before heading down to the basement to sleep C and I decided to have a nice, relaxing cup of tea. Then C assured me that she had everything under control, so I headed down to the spare room, shut my eyes and tried to sleep.

C and her husband B are great with the two dos, even though it’s super tiring to watch two puppies. Still there was a lot of running back and forth, thunderous running back and forth, which you would not expect given that neither dog weighs more than 20 Lbs. It wasn’t long before my curiosity got the better of me, and I was back upstairs with the pack. Cadie and Toby were all over each other. They bite at eyes, necks, legs, feet, tails, backs, whatever they can grab, and then they try to flip the other one. It’s hilarious to watch, but also a little nerve racking, because dog play doesn’t look civilized. Still you have to trust them, I mean you keep an eye on them, but C and I both know that they absolutely love each other.

Cadie is almost a year older than Toby, so she is closing in on 2, which means that she is becoming less and less of a puppy every day, which also means that she runs out of energy a lot faster than Toby does. Still it was Toby who seemed to run out of steam first, and he laid his head down on Cadie’s front paws for a quick rest. Being a puppy, Toby bounced back pretty quickly, the dogs headed into the back yard at one point and that perked him up again.

Ultimately it was Cadie who ran out of steam, first. C and I had been sitting together on the couch watching something quiet, I think it was an HGTV show, and we could see Cadie pacing around looking for a nice quiet corner to crash in. Well, she didn’t really find it. She grabbed a quick catnap, before her big, mean mommy came over and grabbed her, for a snuggle. Toby also wanted to snuggle, so in the end it was C and I watching TV with the dogs snuggling in for a mid afternoon nap.

Not long after that Cadie and I headed for home, she’s been lounging and sleeping ever since. So, really, the plan was successful.

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