Friday, March 26, 2010

Queasy Feelings

I woke up today feeling terrible. Not totally surprising since I dragged myself to bed last night, rolled over on my stomach and vowed not to move until the cramping past. It didn’t, and when I woke up this morning I also had a pounding head ache. I may never know if I had a migraine or food poisoning matched with a head ache and frankly I don’t care. I spent a couple of extra hours in bed, and tried to do as little as possible this morning. It’s always when you’re sick that you discover that you’ve let things slide. I was hungry and looking forward to lunch until I went to my kitchen, and like Mother Hubbard, discovered that my cupboards were bear. So once the abdominal cramping past I headed out to the grocery store. Not the way I had hoped to spend my Friday. Things at work aren’t good for me right now, so missing a day, especially calling in sick on a Friday, is not something that I really wanted to do.

The weather was fabulous. I know some people might say that it was too cold, and yes, it was cold, but I love the cold, and the sun, so the weather today was perfect for me, and for Cadie. After a good a meal and another short rest Cadie and I did head out to the park. It was good, she needed to blow off some steam, and I would have felt guilty had she not been able to enjoy some of it. If you get sick, you still have to find a way to look after them, and find a way to manage their energy is a way that works for both you and them. Otherwise, Cadie and I don’t have any trouble.

I love watching Cadie play fetch. She runs so quickly, but I noticed today that she still has a lot of puppiness to her, and I like to indulge that, especially in the park. Much to my surprise and delight, she came home from the park, exhausted, and has been sleeping in her chair ever since. The drop in energy was so striking that, for a while anyhow, I though there might be something wrong with her. That’s one of the problems with being the sole care giver to an animal or anyone for that matter.

I’m a bit of a hypochondriac, when I came and sat down to write I looked over and Uter seemed to be doing something odd. He just didn’t seem too active for lack of a better word. Now a reasonable person would conclude that Uter was simply resting. As my previous entries have shown Uter tends to doze at this time of night, so it was more likely that he was sleeping, but I had to reach in there and grab him. I really made a mess of it. Uter is now have a freak out, and is frantically trying to swim out of the tank. I need to learn to leave well enough alone.

Anyhow, I am starting to feel a little better, so I’m going to go and do some dishes before bed.

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