Friday, March 19, 2010

A Nice, Lazy Day

For our last day of vacation I got up early and took Cadie up to an off leash park. I thought change of scenery. We headed out, and passed Salt’s mom, who was on her way to work. We waved, and laughed as we continued to head up to the park. Cadie was easily the smallest dog there. We took the trails and headed east until we hit a fairly significant mud patch. When it was obvious that the rest of the path was impassable we headed back. What we didn’t do was take the time to stop and throw the ball, perhaps if I’d done that she’d have been ready for a nap when I finally got her home. She wasn’t. I had a lot of calls to attend to this morning, so my attention was split, Cadie did not like this at all, she kept throwing tennis balls at me, and barking loudly. Lesson learned, no matter how else we start our day, the Chuckit is an integral, and indisputable element.

Aside from the morning romp, the day was pretty quiet, as I mentioned this hasn’t been a restful vacation, which is fine, I knew that coming in, but I wanted to get some couch time in before I head back to the grindstone. That is what I had today. Then this evening I had two friends over for dinner, Salt’s mother A and Toby’s mother C. It was great, the move gave me a lot more stuff, as I said earlier this week, I now have new china, that have used twice since I moved in. I also have some lovely crystal glasses, so we sat and dined, then Salt, A, Cadie and myself walked C to the subway. A great night.

Uter is also becoming more adventurous since the move, he is now coming up to the side of the tank to say hello, not just to me, but to A and C as well. Still Uter has his setbacks, right now he is trying to swim out of the tank. Five minutes ago, though, he was trying to grab one of the stones at the bottom of his tank, with his mouth and drag it somewhere. God love you, and your never-give-up-attitude Uter.

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